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That question seems to be easy  and for many from the transport industry simply trivial, and the answer seems obvious. Nevertheless during conversations with drivers or freight forwarders this question is most common. Most of them immediately add that they know that it’s three times a week but they just want to make sure. What is my answer? My answer is always the same: Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 March 2006 on the harmonisation of certain social legislation relating to road transport and…


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A question I have often encountered during my carrier was – whether delivery to a particular location is profitable. And not in the understanding of a transport company, but  for a seller. That seller usually wants to be sure that deliveries to particular locations are profitable. If the cost of transport is not too high in relation to the value of delivered goods. One route, several delivery points, and how to define which drop has what share in the cost of a given route? I personally prefer the method below.   Let’s…


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It’s Friday, 3 pm. The phone is ringing. A customer’s truck has broken down and now he asks you to collect his products from a Munich trade fair. The fair ends at 5 pm. No time to hesitate, let’s get to it! We have a car nearby, it is big enough, we can take the products. You call the customer. 15 minutes later, everything is set – the car is to be ready at 5 pm. But then obstacles appear: it’s Friday, people are going back from work, the traffic is terrible, the fair has…


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Recently, we wrote about traffic restrictions in Poland ( and about how important it is to be up to date with them. However, we should remember that when carrying out international transport, we must be up to date with traffic restrictions in all countries through which we will be passing. It’s not easy, because in every country it looks different, for example, it can apply to vehicles with GVM over 7.5 t like e.g. in the Czech Republic or France, or GVM over 12 t, such as e.g. in…

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  • We have been cooperating with Stan-Trans transport company for 8 years and we inform with pleasure that it is an exceptionally professional and committed partner we may always rely on. Our cooperation concerns management of transport of construction materials and modular houses. At the beginning of our collaboration we were assigned a coordinator, who responds to all our inquiries about domestic and international freight in a fast and professional manner.

  • The offers we receive are comprehensive and financially attractive. Another important aspect of our cooperation is flexibility of Stan-Trans company regarding deadlines. Both coordinators and drivers are very helpful in the whole process of transport organization and thanks to that our cooperation with Stan-Trans runs smoothly and in a nice atmosphere. We will certainly continue our collaboration and we may recommend to you Stan-Trans in all responsibility as a professional, effective and exceptionally committed partner.

  • Timeliness, expertise and, most of all, safety, are advantages of the company we experience in everyday cooperation. Highly-qualified staff characterized by commitment to cooperation and professional diligence allows us to face difficult challenges consisting in realization of intermodal transports. Proactive approach to potential problems is a guarantee you may count on while commencing your cooperation with STAN-TRANS company. We may recommend STAN-TRANS as a good and reliable partner offering a high level of services.

  • Employees of Stan-Trans display a high level of professionalism. As a client and a potential orderer of transport we quickly receive freight rates necessary for price estimations. Quotations are prepared very thoroughly. Employees of Stan-Trans always try to select the most suitable vehicle on the route we are interested in; they always offer to us advice, help and a good solutions.