Join the Stan-Trans team and take advantage of the additional benefits that we offer
to our employees!

Private Medical Care

All employees of Stan-Trans receive a package of private medical services, which covers 1,640 outlets across Poland. Our employees have guaranteed free access to 29 specialists within a maximum of 5 days. The package includes access to medical specialists, nursing procedures, general medical treatments, allergy, surgery, gynecological treatments, ophthalmological, orthopedic treatments, otolaryngology and urology procedures. The package also includes a wide range of laboratory tests, diagnostic radiology, diagnostic imaging CT and NMR diagnostic endoscopy and ultrasound as well as home visits and pregnancy care.


The Stan-Trans company provides employees with specialized training in both hard skills as law, Transportation Law, CMR Convention, working time for drivers as well as soft skills such as. Sales techniques, negotiation techniques, professional customer service, business savoir-vivre. In addition, each incoming employee first goes through extensive training, which is informed with the strategy and policy of the quality of the company’s internal procedures and laws that govern our industry.

Free english lessons

Our employees have access to free English language lessons. In order to further facilitate access to knowledge, employee lessons are conducted in the office, so you do not have to travel to anywhere else.

Integration events

We know that a good team is very important because we regularly organize corporate social events where together we can take a break from work. Apart from pubs and discos we visit bowling alleys or go-kart track or karaoke. Do you have an idea for spending time together? Join our team and share it with us, we are open to any new ideas!

Integration trips

Once a year the entire company goes on a weekend integration trip to Slovakia, where a mountain hut, hot springs and breathtaking views await. Competitions with very attractive prizes are organized as well as spending a leisurely time at the grill or campfire. We do much more interesting things there but the rest of them are secrets of participants in the expedition. Slovakia is not the only place of our business trips. From time to time we go skiing and snowboarding. For some employees it is the first contact with skis or snowboard, so they get instructors who teach them the basics of driving. Invaluable experience and learning new skills together even further integrates our team.

What our employees say about us:

At Stan-Trans I received the opportunity to build my own team, working with high-class specialists and support from superiors. With such companions every problem is a challenge for us, which teaches and develops.

Michał Myszkowski, Director of the branch in Gdansk

At Stan-Trans I am a person specializing in building long-term business relationships with clients internationally. Thanks to the professional help of colleagues and their many years of experience I passionately achieve my goals.

Adrian Szczodrowski, Coordinator for forwarding and transport

I have worked at Stan-Trans since 2008. Invariably, since that time I have been full of admiration and joy that I have found an employer who says “the company” and does not think of himself but about all of us that the employee sees a person who always has time to talk, will always help when you need help and that has a great sense of humour!

Elena Springer, Managing Director

If you feel that you fit our team, you are hard-working and ambitious, if you have inexhaustible reserves of energy and enthusiasm for work, you are what we are looking for!
Below are details of the position, which we are currently recruiting for.

Domestic and international freight forwarder

Workplace: Kraków, Łódź, Gdańsk.


  • Planning and organizing domestic and international shipments
  • Comprehensive customer service including:
    • – preparation of price calculation
    • – arrangement of transportation conditions
    • – price negotiations
    • – preparation of transport documentation
    • – coordination and monitoring of transport processes ordered by the clients
    • – solving current problems concerning shipments
    • – taking care of high quality of shipment services
  • Providing professional consultancy to the clients in terms of shipment services
  • Establishment of long-term relations with the clients


  • 1 year of experience on a similar position
  • Knowledge of provisions of law concerning domestic and international transport
  • Independence and responsibility in performance of your tasks
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Commitment to work, desire to develop, initiative, good organizational skills
  • Knowledge of  MS Office
  • Communicative knowledge of English


  • High fluency in English
  • Knowledge of German, French and Italian


  • Stable employment on the basis of an employment contract
  • Large degree of independence
  • Variety: different clients, various topics – you won’t get bored!
  • Implementation program prior to commencement of work:
    • – on-the-job training
    • – training in internal procedures
    • – training in the provisions of law
    • – training in customer service standards
    • – business savoir vivre
  • Possibility of development and enhancing your skills– minimum one specialist training a year
  • Regular company events (bowling, discos, go-carts)
  • Team building trips abroad (skiing, hot springs)

"Under the Art. 24 par. 1 of the Act of 29th August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 2135, as amended) I hereby inform that the administrator of the personal data included in the application documents willingly made available by you for the purposes of recruitment is Stan-Trans Wojciech Staniek with its seat in Cracow, 34b Wąwozowa Street. Personal data may be disclosed only to authorised entities subject to the provisions of law. You have the right to access your data and to correct it."

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"I hereby give consent for my personal data included in the job offer to be processed for the purposes of recruitment under the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997 (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2015, item 2135)."

On-line-anfrage oder auftrag

Kunden über uns

  • Wir arbeiten mit der Firma Stan-Trans schon über 8 Jahre zusammen und wir informieren mit Vergnügen, dass es äußerst professionaler und engagierter Kooperationspartner ist, auf den wir immer verlassen können. Unsere Zusammenarbeit betrifft die Organisation des Transportes von Bauwerksstoffen sowie Modulhäusern. Seit Anfang der Zusammenarbeit haben wir einen Betreuer bekommen, der schnell und professionell auf jede Anfrage reagiert, die Inlandspedition oder internationale Spedition betrifft.

  • Angebote, die wir erhalten, sind komplex und finanziell attraktiv. Ein sehr wichtiger Aspekt unserer Zusammenarbeit ist die Flexibilität von Stan-Trans in Bezug auf die Fristen. Beide Koordinatoren und Fahrer sind sehr hilfreich im gesamten Prozess der Organisation des Transportes, was dazu beiträgt, dass die Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma Stan-Trans ohne Probleme und in einer netten Atmosphäre verläuft. Wir werden sicherlich auch weiterhin die Zusammenarbeit fortsetzen und mit voller Verantwortung empfehlen wir die Firma Stan-Trans als einen professionellen, effizienten und äußerst engagierten Partner.

  • Pünktlichkeit, Fachkompetenz und vor allem Sicherheit sind die Vorteile, mit denen wir mit in der täglichen Zusammenarbeit befassen. Hoch qualifizierte Mitarbeiter, die durch Engagement in der Zusammenarbeit und durch Berufssorgfalt charakterisieren, ermöglicht es uns, schwierige Herausforderungen bei der Umsetzung von intermodalen Transporten anzunehmen. Pro-aktive Betrachtung von Problemen, die entstehen können, stellt eine Garantie dar, mit denen Sie rechnen können, wenn sie anfangen, mit der Firma STAN-TRANS zusammenzuarbeiten. Wir können die Firma STAN-TRANS als einen guten und zuverlässigen Partner empfehlen, der ein hohes Service-Niveau anbietet.

  • Die Mitarbeiter der Firma Stan-Trans zeichnen sich durch hohe fachliche Kompetenzen aus. Als Kunde und als potentieller Auftraggeber von Beförderungsaufträgen, erhalten wir sehr schnell Frachtsätze, die zur Preisberechnungen notwendig sind. Die Preisangebote werden äußerst sorgfältig angeboten. Die Mitarbeiter der Firma Stan-Trans bemühen sich, immer einen entsprechenden Fahrzeug für die uns interessierte Frachtstrecke zu finden. Sie stehen immer mit Rat und Tat zur Seite und versuchen immer eine gute Lösung zu finden.